Your Family Owned and Operated auto rental service in Northern KY & Cincinnati, OH.

Let our family take care of yours.
BMC Auto Rental is about families. Being a family owned business we understand your needs and take our business personally. We are about helping rent a car to your mom right after an auto accident and greeting her with a smile and advice. We are the company who rented a van to your neighbor to go to Florida with their 3 kids piling in.We are the company that delivered a car to your cousin, whose car isn't the most reliable, while his was in the shop, again. We are the company who; quietly helps the neighborhood get on the road and on their way.

Experienced agents

We are a family owned business and believe in only offering the best quality service to our customers. We not only offer the latest model vehicles at the lowest rates in our rental service. But our friendly service oriented staff will help you with your car rental needs. We want you to enjoy your stay here in Newport, KY by letting us do what we do best, get you where you want to go.
Family Owned and Operated auto rental service in Northern KY & Cincinnati, OH.

We know how to treat our customers

Being in the industry for as long as we have, we know how to treat our customers with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Whether you want a chat along the way or want a bit of privacy, we will always respect your wishes. Our trained professionals at our locations are all very polite and professional and have a great track record. For a superior auto rental service in Newport, give BMC Auto Rental a call today.

We know our vehicles

Here at BMC Auto Rental, we are passionate about luxury vehicles. Automobiles are our passion, and we take great pleasure in providing a fleet of luxury vehicles that you will sure to love. From classic luxury vehicles to special vehicles, as the Hummer, we will have something for everyone.
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