Vehicles for Your Next Auto Rental in Newport, KY

We offer the best auto rentals in Newport, KY . 
BMC Auto Rental vehicles are kept in top condition at all times and our service is always 5 stars. At BMC Auto Rental we’re always looking for ways to enhance your rental experience. We already save you money and now you get to pick which specific vehicle you want to drive. Whether it is a compact car or a top class luxury, we provide quality car rental service for all.

Sedans to Mini Vans

Let BMC help you make the right choice for your auto rental today. If you are looking for a regular sedan to get around town or a mini van rental to accommodate the entire family, we have the right vehicle for you. Stop in at any of your 3 locations and let us help put you in the rental car that fits your need. 

Our auto rentals in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH have competitive rates, contact today for quote for your next auto rental.
Reliable auto rentals in Newport, KY
auto rentals in Newport, KY

Multi Passenger Vans

BMC auto rental has a full fleet of 11 passenger vans and 15 passenger vans. When you are looking for a multi passenger van for your group function give us a call at one of our Northern Ky locations. multi passenger vans are a great way to save money when taking trips with large groups . No matter the occasion we can help. Church group trips, youth sports travel, large families, high schools, or maybe a social organization. Our vans are here for any all groups that need the space.

Auto Insurance Rentals

Accidents Happen but make sure you don't make the mistake of going with the wrong rental car company! Nowadays insurance companies are actually making the reservation for you with the Rental Car Company. If that rental car company is getting the business from the Insurance Company, Who's interest do they have in mind ? Yours or the Insurance companys. Rememeber when you choose us, we are always for YOU.

Remember we have been in business for over 20 years we know which Insurance companies treat customers right and which can just take your money fast each month. If you have any questions about your car being totaled and how much you should get for your car,or how many days it should take once the insurance company totals your car, we can help.We also know alot about the body shops who handle your car. Ask us we will be glad to help
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